Thank you - You make Olight better

Thank you - You make Olight better


Thanks for your coming on Olight

 Before the review of our O-fan Day, let's announce the list of winners 

Awards for Story Sharing 

-- My Story Together

Our Story Together Activity

Congratulations and thanks for all of your kind sharing.

We will send an e-mail to these kind sharers, please do not forget to take a look at your account.

During these stories, we must write a special letter and thank you all for the O-Fan Day Flash Sale. All of your support makes Olight Canada became better and stronger. It is your continue coming holding our stable improvement. 

On this special day, we must take feedback for the Story Telling: 

  • “You’re so special to me” 

For a newcomer, it is not easy to keep confidence in an unfamiliar company. However, Olight will hold a bridge between you and the lights.

  • “I felt at home in this group” 

Olight uses real-person customer service to reply, and refuses to operate by robots, just to give customers the truest and perfect experience in the future.

  • “All my friends and family have joined in now and made it one of the best experiences possible. Thank you Olight!!!!” 

There is a big and warm team in Olight Canada. You could feel free to see some happiness post in our Facebook Group~

  • “I found it amazing that a flashlight company was selling lights to raise funds to donate to hospitals to help with the Covid pandemic” 

Where there is a terrible disaster, there will keep the Olight team’s shadow.

  • “Light has always been an essential element in my work for photography.” 

With Obulb’s company, your family will sleep safe and comfortable. If there is a party, they could improve the happy appearance. If you don’t believe it, why do not take a try?

  • “Olight is close to my heart” 

After nearly 3 years, our loyal fans have improved from a few hundred people to tens of thousands of people now. This is definitely not an easy job for a company full-time in the flashlight industry. However, with the support of you, we make it and will keep better work in the future. We highly appreciate your continued focus and purchasing.  

Great Gratitude for the Flash Sale Coming

Our Story Together Activity

Because of you, we could keep on such a long way.

Because of you, we could keep the products better and better.

Because of you, we could make a deep friendship with you forever.

Ending but will not say goodbye anymore

Our Friendships will keep always together

See you next year!

Our Story Together Activity

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