Marauder Mini Powerful Flashlight with Flood, Projection, RGB Review

Marauder Mini Powerful Flashlight with Flood, Projection, RGB Review

If the Marauder collection is your favourite, then you need this new mini version to complete your collection! Don't be fooled by its small size - the versatility, safety features, large battery capacity and durability live up to the Marauder name. It may be smaller, but it still packs an amazing amount of power and will quickly become a must-have for all your everyday and outdoor needs.

Features: 7000 lumens, 600 meters range

The Marauder mini is a miniature version of Olight's Marauder flashlight. But trust us, it has the functionality and features you've come to expect from Olight. With the flick of a switch you can switch from a powerful flood light with 7 different brightness levels to a 600m wide focused light.

Floodlights and Spotlights

The Marauder Mini is a powerful rechargeable LED flashlight with spotlight and floodlight. It follows the lens design of the Marauder 2 and consists of 9 LEDs surrounding the center. Seven brightness levels provide 200-7000 lumens. In the middle is a large circular LED that emits a beam with a beam range of 600 meters.

Mode switch easily toggles between spotlight and floodlight.

More Possibilities for RGB

The three-color LEDs are evenly distributed around the converging lens, which can be used in different occasions.

Red Light: Great for signaling an emergency. Red also protects night vision.

Green Light: It improves your vision and can have a calming effect on animals, making it a good option for walking with your dog.

Blue light: Fish and other animals can be better detected with blue light.

Easy to use and cares about your safety

The Marauder Mini features an easy-to-reach mode switch in the center of the body that allows you to quickly switch between spot light and flood light. The switch above allows you to control the brightness of the light with a simple turn. There are indicator lights around the rotary switch that not only show the brightness level, but also the remaining power and the color of the light. Another useful feature of the Marauder Mini is a vibrating signal when the maximum and minimum brightness levels are reached, so you know exactly what power level the flashlight is at.

This powerful flashlight also features a thermal sensor that automatically shuts off when the brightness level is consistently high to ensure a cooler case temperature. Olight not only cares about your safety, but also avoids potential damage caused by overheating and lens occlusion.

Durable Construction and Ergonomic Housing

The flashlight handle is 270 degrees covered in silicone allowing the case to provide a comfortable and secure grip. The hidden lanyard hole with the included lanyard gives you another option for a better grip and ensures you can take this handy flashlight with you wherever you go. It's also waterproof up to 2 meters (IPX8) and 1.5 meters drop resistant for long-lasting durability in every use and task. Not only does it live up to its name, but it will quickly become the most used Olight flashlight in your collection.

Fields of application of the Marauder Mini

Suitable for any use: military, people search, emergency services

With adjustable brightness, Marauder Mini always delivers the performance your situation requires. Multicolor LEDs have advantages in many different areas. When searching in the dark, working at a crime scene, or helping someone in need, they light your way without compromising your night vision. With its compact design, the Marauder Mini will be your first choice for every task.

Hunting, Outdoors, Camping, Fishing, Hiking

If you continue to be outdoors at the end of the day, this powerful flashlight is for you. The RBG LED has many uses - from reading maps to spotting fish in the water to spotting animals - this flashlight lets you see better and further in the dark without disturbing animals. If you need high brightness, this 7000 lumen flashlight has enough power reserve to get any job done.

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