Obulb Plus VS Obulb Pro S

Obulb Plus VS Obulb Pro S

Obulb Pro S is an upgraded version of Obulb Pro. While it's the same size at 65mm in diameter, it has more color modes and interesting features. Press and hold the switch at the bottom to continuously adjust the brightness, which is more intuitive than Obulb Pro. Additionally, it can be controlled via the new Olight Hub App. It can be turned on and off with a smartphone, and the brightness and mode can also be changed. A color wheel can also be used to set the light color, and there is an overview of the remaining runtime. It is even possible to control multiple Obulb Pro S at the same time with a simple click. << Learn more

Obulb plus is a multi-color, rechargeable magnetic light ball, controlled by a touch switch on the top and the same app. It is larger than the Obulb Pro and can illuminate larger areas. Delivering up to 300 lumens and up to 49 hours of runtime, it's ideal for lighting, backlighting, or decoration. The same options as the Obulb Pro S are available through the Olight Hub app. << Learn more

What are the differences and similarities between Obulb Plus and Obulb Pro S?


1.Modes and functions in the application

Obulb Plus: There are 21 color light modes to choose from. The 75 RGB LEDs are arranged three-dimensionally for extremely detailed color reproduction with smooth transitions. These modes include new ambient light effects, flame mode, fireworks mode and other comfort light effects, and if desired, the Obulb Plus' lights can be combined with the smartphone microphone to reflect the rhythm of the music being played.

Newly developed lighting modes can also be updated via the app in the future.

Obulb Pro S: There are 12 color light modes to choose from. There are 8 RGB LEDs, and the lighting effect can be set through the app, just like the Obulb Plus.

2.Dimensions and weight

Obulb Plus: 176g (including battery), height: 73.7mm, diameter: 80mm

Obulb Pro S: 105g (including battery), height: 58mm, diameter: 65mm

Drop Tested: Obulb Plus: up to 1 m, Obulb Pro S: up to 1.5 m

3.Performance and battery life

Obulb Plus: 300 lumens max. Built-in 2000mAh battery, sustainable lighting up to 49 hours, eliminating the trouble of frequent charging.

Obulb Pro S: Maximum light output is 240 lumens. Built-in 1650mAh battery, with a battery life of up to 6.5 days, corresponding to the lighting needs of nearly a week.

4.Operation mode

For the first time, Obulb Plus uses a touch switch on the top, which can control the lamp with a light touch.

The Obulb Pro S retains the functionality of the previous Obulb model, with a switch on the bottom. Press the bottom or top of the ball to activate the switch


The Obulb Plus comes with a magnetic MCC 1A charging cable. The Obulb Pro S is also available without a charging cable.


1. Features

Both lights use the new Olight Hub app, which can be controlled remotely from your smartphone: on/off, dimming, color settings, timer control, music tempo, group control, check remaining run time and more. 

Waterproof: IPX7

2. Charging

Magnetic Base: The magnetic base combined with the self-adhesive metal plate can be attached to almost any smooth surface, fully charged in 3 hours with the magnetic charging cable.

3. Application scenarios

Both models can be used as bedside lights, night lights, power outage emergency lighting, camping lighting, ambient lighting, etc.

Obulb Plus or Obulb Pro S?

For parties, events, games, camping, and more, the Obulb Plus wins with its smart controls and exceptionally beautiful lighting.

The Obulb Pro S is recommended for use as bedside lights, night lights, background lighting, smart home features, garden decorations and other applications that require particularly long battery life.

Would you like to know more technical data about Obulb Pro S and Obulb Plus? You can look at the table below:

Obulb Plus

Obulb Pro S

White light (high)

300~180~40 lumens

240 lumens

White light (low)

0.8 lumens

0.8 lumens







Shell material




176g (including battery)

105g (including battery)

Drop test



Water proof



Magnetic base


Light source

White High Power LED

RGB high power LED

White High Power LED

RGB high power LED


Built-in 2000mAh 3.7V 26350

lithium battery

Built-in 3.7V 1650mAh

lithium polymer battery


2 years

2 years

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