Flashlight Lumen What Is It and How Much Do You Need

Flashlight Lumen What Is It and How Much Do You Need

When night falls, visibility decreases and we need light to see clearly. An Olight flashlight can meet this demand for light.

But for different application scenarios, how many lumens can meet the requirements?

In fact, there are many factors that affect the choice of flashlight. For example, how large an area can be illuminated, the running time of the flashlight, certain special features or price. In this article, we give examples of how many lumens a flashlight should have in different application scenarios.

What are lumens?

Lumen (Latin for light, lamp) is a unit of luminous flux. Therefore, this value represents how much light (technical term: how much light) the light emits in total per unit of time.

The light output of a flashlight is measured in lumens, the more lumens, the higher the light output. Therefore, this important information can be seen directly on the product packaging or prominently displayed on our website.

Depending on the field of application, different powers are required. For example, finding people in a dark forest requires a much higher lumen output than lighting a small room or tent.

▪️ ≤ 150 lumens: night light, tent light, reading light, backlight

▪️ 150-500 Lumens: Simple everyday tasks indoors and outdoors

▪️ 500-1300 Lumens: Walking and night jogging, camping, maintenance, fishing

▪️ 1300-3000 lumens: outdoor sports, hunting, exploration, caving, tactical tasks

▪️ 3000 Lumens: Hunting, Law Enforcement, Military, People Search

Night light, tent light, reading light, backlight (≤150 lumens)

Olantern Mini

Maximum output: 150 lumens

Maximum running time: 48 hours

360 degree light source, red light (1 lumen) for night vision maintenance or signal lights, adjustable white light (15, 50, 150 lumens) for general use.

Height: 99.35mm, Case diameter: 52.2mm, 239g (including battery)

Obulb Mcs

Maximum output: 75 lumens

Maximum running time: 40 hours

By pressing the rubber-coated button on the bottom, you can choose from 8 light modes for camping, hiking, night work, emergency lighting, and more.

Obulb MCs are equipped with motion sensors.

Height: 48mm, case diameter: 54mm, weight: 60g (including battery)

Simple indoor and outdoor everyday tasks (150-500 lumens)


Maximum output: 180 lumens

Maximum run time: 16 hours

Maximum range: 60m

Due to its light weight and compact size, the I3T is easy to carry. The two-way pocket clip allows the flashlight to be attached to any pocket, hat, or other device.

Length: 89mm, head diameter: 15mm, body diameter: 15mm, weight: 39g


Maximum output: 350 lumens

Maximum run time: 37 hours

Maximum beam distance: 64m

The two-way pocket clip with 1.5mm lanyard hole allows the flashlight to easily hang from your wrist, in your pocket, on your backpack, or on the brim of your hat.

Length: 95.4mm, Head Diameter: 17.8mm, Body Diameter: 17.8mm, Weight: 60g (including battery), Cu: 83g (including battery)

Walking and night running, camping, maintenance, fishing (500-1300 lumens)

Array 2S

Maximum output: 1000 lumens

Maximum run time: 30 hours

Maximum beam distance: 140m

There are 10 settings including floodlight + focus light, floodlight, eye protection red light and SOS. Memory function allows quick access to previously used settings (not available for SOS)

Length: 61mm, Width: 31mm, Height: 24.5mm

Battery Pack: Length: 75.18mm, Width: 33.52mm, Height: 30.78mm

Weight: 131g (including battery pack and headband)

S1R Baton II

Maximum output: 1000 lumens

Maximum runtime: 8 days

Maximum beam distance: 145m

Three-color power indicator on the side switch: when the light is on, the power display: green: power >60%, yellow: 10%~60%, red: power <10%

Length: 63mm, Head Diameter: 21mm, Shell Diameter: 21mm, Weight: 51g (including pocket clip and battery)

Outdoor sports, hunting, exploration, caving, tactical tasks (1300-3000 lumens)

Perun 2

Maximum output: 2500 lumens

Maximum runtime: 12.5 days

Maximum beam distance: 166 meters

Complete with magnetic end caps, a durable head strap, and a secure pocket clip, it's perfect for a variety of uses.

Length: 120.7mm, head diameter: 28.6mm, shell diameter: 27mm, weight: 161g (including battery)

Javelot Pro 2

Maximum output: 2500 lumens

Maximum runtime: 12 days

Maximum illumination range: 1050m

Visual gauges: 4-level power and brightness gauges around the side switch, at a glance.

Length: 259mm, head diameter: 63mm, shell diameter: 26mm, weight: 423g (including battery pack)

Hunting, Law Enforcement, Military, People Search (3000 Lumens+)

Seeker 3 Pro

Maximum output: 4200 lumens

Maximum runtime: 15 days

Maximum illumination range: 250m

Built-in temperature and distance sensors prevent overheating.

Length: 132mm, head diameter: 35mm, shell diameter: 28mm, weight: 200g (including battery)

Marauder 2

Maximum output: 14000 lumens

Maximum run time: 59 hours

Maximum illumination range: 800m

Silicone inlay for secure hold; hidden lanyard hole for transport; brightness and charge indicators.

Length: 140mm, head diameter: 79mm, shell diameter: 53mm, weight: 750g (including battery)

In conclusion

This overview is intended as a guide for selecting a flashlight only and represents only a small portion of our product portfolio. Flashlight requirements vary from person to person, mostly depending on the purpose. Choosing the right flashlight can be done wisely by focusing on the power required for each application.

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